Website Redesign Launch: Calpipette

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Visit Calpipette.com for your calibration needs!

Adventure Web Interactive is proud to announce the new design for The Lab People’s calpipette.com. Calpipette is a division of The Lab People that specializes in calibration required for an efficient and accurate laboratory. The Lab People is ISO/IEC:17025:2017 accredited through A2LA to provide calibration services on a wide variety of laboratory equipment. Contact Calpipette today for calibration services at the newly designed web page for calpipette.com 

Services From Calpipette

Calpipette and The Lab People’s Metrologists are prepared to assist with designing equipment maintenance programs tailored to your lab’s needs. A range of services are offered for all kinds of equipment categories. These services include: 

Pipette Calibration 

Laboratory Equipment Calibration 

Balance and Scale Calibration 

Explore Calpipette

If you are interested in contacting Calpipette, you can contact them on their website or by phone at 1-800-451-9593 (Maryland Office) or 1-800-964-1535 (Virginia Office). You can count on Calpipette for essential laboratory calibration services! Explore their beautiful new site today to discover more about their services. 

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