Why Can’t I Use Google for My Corporate Email?

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Free email services like Gmail and Yahoo may seem easy, but they have a lot of drawbacks when used as a corporate email.

If you have a company that sends out lots of newsletters or other mass mailings, then you’d be better served by buying your own corporate email than using free services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. These free email services were created to be used by individuals, not by companies. There are several drawbacks to using free email services for your company email.

Corporate Email Domain Can Get Blocked

One of the biggest hassles with using a free email service for your corporate email is that your emails are likely to get blocked. For example, if you forward all the emails from joe@companyname.com to joe@gmail.com, then Gmail is likely to block all the emails coming from joe@companyname.com.  The reason this happens is because the spam blockers on free email services can recognize that many emails are coming from the same IP address, but they cannot recognize that you are using that email address for your company. Gmail can then block your forwarded emails, assuming they are all spam. When this happens, Gmail doesn’t just block joe@companyname.com. It blocks the domain name, so no one who uses @companyname.com will be able to send emails until the block is removed. This wastes a lot of time and creates a lot of frustration, both for your employees and your clients.

Looks Suspicious

As mentioned above, if you are forwarding emails from joe@companyname.com to joe@gmail.com, there are many drawbacks. One is that if you respond to an email sent to joe@companyname.com with your joe@gmail.com address, then clients are likely to see that as suspicious and may think that either their email or your corporate email has been hacked. It doesn’t look professional, isn’t good for sustaining your company’s reputation, and doesn’t help you keep return clients.

Loss of Corporate Identity

Appearance can go a long way. If you use an email address that has your company’s name in it, not only does it look more professional, but it also helps clients to see the address of your website in your email address. Every time you email a client, you are marketing your company’s name to them. It’s easy marketing, and it will increase your clients’ confidence and loyalty to your company.

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