Which Keywords Drive a Site’s Traffic?

Effective social media marketing is all about knowing the words a potential customer uses to find a product.keyword-planner

When you start to understand the search terms, you can then plan out the keywords that are going to drive traffic to your site or promotion. Social media marketing isn’t easy, but a business can’t survive in today’s world without it. Let’s take a look at which keywords drive a site’s traffic.

Keyword Basics

Keywords are considered the foundation of your content. Every blog, landing page and email focuses itself around a main topic. The topic will tie back to a specific keyword that you are using to draw people to your page. Visitors will quickly scan your page to find that keyword, and the keyword needs to be tied to useful information to keep a reader’s attention. Good content connected to relevant keywords will help your website rank better on search engines, and that makes your social media marketing a whole lot easier.

Identify Keywords with Social Media and Search Tools

If you’re already social media marketing, start using the power of the Internet to find strong keywords people are searching for. Twitter allows you to see topics that are trending in specific locations or throughout the world, and this gives you a quick way to see what’s buzzing the social media world. You can use Google Trends to find popular stories or stories gaining popularity, and you can always use Facebook’s trending toolbar.

Turn Questions into Keywords

Sometimes your employees and customers have already done all the legwork for you! If you keep getting emailed the same questions or if it seems all your employees always have the same questions about your service or something in your industry, there’s a good chance a lot of other people have the same questions. Think about how you can provide an answer to these questions, and you will find a great keyword that can really help your social media marketing campaigns take off.

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