Where’s Google going?

All the hype over Google Instant has overshadowed Google’s efforts to take on Facebook with a social network of its own.  Many have seen this coming through Google’s acquisitions recently.  Now rumor has it that the network, Google Me, is coming this fall and far from being an alternative to Facebook, it will be a layer of social media features added to its existing products.

Why the change in direction? It may have something to do with Google’s social media failures over the last decade.  In light of this history, building off of established products may be the wiser strategy. The company’s recent acquisitions seem to have centered on gaming, so it will be interesting to see what the end result will look like.

In any event, Google Me will be difficult to ignore given Google’s domination of search engine services the necessity to engage in search engine marketing in today’s business environment.  Will search rankings be tied to Google Me participation?  We’ll be keepting an eye on this, so keep checking back to this blog for the latest info.