What’s up with Delicious?

Two weeks ago, the news broke that one the most popular social media marketing (SMM) tools – Delicious – was on the chopping block. Last week, Delicious’s owner, Yahoo, announced it was looking to sell, not shut down, Delicious. And you may be asking why you should care.

To answer the “why,” Delicious is an effective tool for search engine optimization (SEO) and SMM. Every time someone bookmarks a Webpage using Delicious, that Webpage improves its ranking in Google. So businesses that focus on SEO will want Delicious to continue.

Whether Delicious will continue, and if so, in what form is still up in the air. Would Google be a buyer? There’s definitely a large user population that’s made itself heard during the past couple weeks. We’ll monitor Delicious developments and how they’ll affect SEO. To learn more about SEO and how it can impact your business, contact us.