What’s the Deal With Periscope, Anyway?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Meerkat,  Tumblr… The list of social media platforms can sometimes feel endless and when a new one is introduced it can feel like more of a burden than anything else. “Wait a minute, so you’re telling me that I just mastered this Twitter thing, and now I have to figure out Periscope too?” We know, the learning curve can be steep, but the benefits of using social media to market your business more than make it worth it. Periscope, a relatively new live video streaming site which is owned by Twitter, offers many benefits to savvy social media marketers. Find out why and how you can harness its power in today’s blog, below.


The benefits of live video

Live streaming apps like Periscope offer businesses the chance to connect with their audiences in an authentic and meaningful way. By giving your customers a sneak peek into your company’s world, they will feel engaged and invested in your brand. However, you have to plan your content strategically to be sure that it will offer benefits to your viewers. What kind of content can you share that your customers can’t get elsewhere? What will you give them to encourage them to follow your feed? The answers will depend on your industry, your brand, and your customers. A few ways that you could think about using Periscope for your brand marketing include:

  • Behind-the-scenes tours of your office, facilities, or manufacturing process
  • Backstage access during corporate events
  • Fun and informal Q&A sessions with your staff, stakeholders, and partners

Periscope even allows viewers to respond with questions and comments in real-time, so the possibilities are endless! It just takes a little planning and tweaking to find out how to use Periscope in an effective way. By giving your audience an intimate look at the people behind the brand, live streaming video can help you connect with your audience and turn them into lifelong loyalists of your company.

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