What’s the Best Way to Use Hashtags?


TrackMaven studied over 65,000 posts to find the latest data on best practices for hashtags.

One of the best ways for companies to increase the organic reach of their posts on social media is by utilizing hashtags. However, it’s important to use best practices to make the most out of hashtags and squeeze as much organic reach as possible. This can be a little difficult owing to the constantly changing landscape of social media and the various differences between the different networks. A recent report by TrackMaven analyzed over 65,000 posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to find out the optimal number and the best character length of hashtags for each of the social networks. Today we’re going to take a look at what this new report has to say about the best way to use hashtags.

Twitter: One Hashtag is Best

Nearly everyone who markets their company through Twitter knows that the best practice for hashtag usage has always been two. However, TrackMaven shows that posts with one hashtag average around 10 more engagements per post than posts with two. This may be indicative of a change in attitude on Twitter towards hashtag use. Hashtags have generally been used more often by spam bots, and thus users are more wary towards using them as a discovery tool than they were in the past. TrackMaven also found that a hashtag with 18 characters has the most engagement, followed by those with 3.

Instagram: Go Wild with Hashtags

Instagram, on the other hand, uses hashtags much more liberally than Twitter. TrackMaven found that nine hashtags are the optimum number for engaging your audience. Longer hashtags are also best for your Instagram posts, with the peak performers being tags between 21 and 24 characters long.

Facebook: Use Sparingly

Although you can use hashtags on Facebook, there has been a lot of debate about their effectiveness, and for the most part, they haven’t quite caught on like on the other networks. However, TrackMaven shows that one hashtag that is six characters long is the best number for posts on Facebook. Longer hashtags (10 to 20 characters) also tend to perform well on Facebook.

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