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Maryland Veterinarian Surgical Services Website

Adventure Web Interactive extends a warm welcome to Maryland Veterinarian Surgical Services

Adventure Web Interactive extends a warm welcome to Maryland Veterinarian Surgical Services (MDVSS). Welcome to our ever-growing Adventure Web family. MDVSS’s mission is to “celebrate and enhance the human-animal bond by relieving pain and restoring function.” Since 1988, MDVSS has been located right in the heart of Catonsville. Keep reading to learn more about this family-owned, client-oriented, and patient-centered veterinarian’s office. 

Services Offered: Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Procedures

Animals experience pain, just like humans do. The only difference is that they can’t verbalize just how much pain they’re in, but there are indeed telltales signs that a dog isn’t feeling their best. If you discover that your canine companion is abnormally irritable, there is a change in their gait, their limbs are twisted, or if they are reluctant to move, then this could indeed be a sign of orthopedic problems. MDVSS offers a wide variety of orthopedic procedures to help combat these issues.  Click here to see their extensive list of procedures. 

Dogs, especially young dogs, have a lot of energy depending on the breed of dog. If you notice that your canine companion no longer has the strength to jump on the bed or jump around, then they could be in pain. One cause behind lameness and limping in dogs is soft tissue issues. MDVSS can treat any affected areas and restore their function. For a list of soft tissue procedures that they perform, click here

MDVSS is a Family-Owned Veterinarian Office That Treats Their Patients and Clients Like Family

Dr. Walesby owns MDVSS, and she’s also a BS, DVM, MS, DACVS, DACVS-SA Surgeon. MDVSS consists of a warm, accommodating, charismatic, and experienced team that you can trust to take care of your pets. To learn more about Dr. Walesby’s and her team’s accreditations, click here

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