Website Launch: Lange Electric Company, Inc.

Website Launch: Lange Electric Company, Inc.Adventure Web Interactive proudly presents Lange Electric Company, Inc.’s new website and welcomes them into the Adventure Web family! We welcome you to check out their new website here and explore their services. Here is more about our new friend, Lange Electric Company, Inc.

About Lange Electric

Lange Electric Company serves local Baltimore businesses with the installation, maintenance, and repair of HVAC systems for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing buildings. They carry and service HVAC motors, pumps, fans, and controls from all of the leading HVAC system brands. Lange Electric is a family-owned and operated business since its inception in 1927 and continues to be the number one HVAC system company for many Baltimore businesses.

Lange Electric’s Services


Lange Electric sells, installs, and maintains electric HVAC motors of all kinds, including single phase and three phase motors. They also distribute motor parts and motor controls.


Lange Electric specializes in the sales and service of HVAC pumps of all kinds, including column, boiler feed, turbine, sump, and centrifugal pumps. If your HVAC system requires a pump, they can be of service. 


No HVAC system will work unless there is a fan to circulate warm or cool air throughout the building. Lange Electric comes stocked with all types of HVAC fans from a range of manufacturers.


The controls are the heart of the machine’s operation. Lange Electric Company, Inc. also provides and services HVAC controls for your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing HVAC system.

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