Website Launch: Interconnect Services, Inc

interconnect services

Adventure Web Interactive is excited to announce the launch of yet another new site: Interconnect Services, Inc.! Interconnect Services has been providing voice and data network installation services to the Mid-Atlantic area for over 30 years. Founders, partners, and long-time friends Gary Schuchart and Bob Horlacher jumped into the interconnect industry in its early years — in May of 1983. Since then, Interconnect Services has built an expansive and loyal customer base while simultaneously growing a staff of top-notch professionals to assist with various network solutions across the region.

A Product as Good as Its People

Unfortunately, in 1995, co-founder Bob Horlacher lost his battle with cancer. Since then, Interconnect Services has made Bob proud with its commitment to excellence, its employees, and its customers. Gary has made it a priority for the entire company to go the extra mile in ensuring top of the line workmanship and customer service on every job they do.

Having gotten into the game before the massive boom of data networks, they were ready to meet the challenge when data networks exploded in popularity in the early nineties. Getting their start in 1983 with business phone systems and communication cabling, Interconnect Services now supplies voice and data network design and installation, business phone systems, voicemail systems, VoIP, surveillance systems, paging systems, and 24 hour/7 day service.

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