Website Launch: Fiduciary SafeHarbor

FiduciarySafeHarborAdventure Web Interactive is pleased to announce another new website in our launch blog series: Fiduciary SafeHarbor! If you hear the words “fiduciary liability” often, then this is the site for you. Fiduciary SafeHarbor provides an online tool for small to medium retirement plan sponsors and third party administrators. This tool can be used to create documents that demonstrate fiduciary compliance with ERISA Section 408(b) 2.

Providing You With Safe Harbor

Fiduciary SafeHarbor focuses on protecting small businesses from being sued. This is because smaller businesses are easier to target with nuisance suits and regulatory actions. Fiduciary SafeHarbor was created after much research by experienced and qualified individuals. With an intimate understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding fiduciary liability, these professionals established a website that is intelligent and provides keen and accurate information about fiduciary law. The site can tell you who owes you a disclosure statement. It can create an information request letter for missing information. You fill out a series of questions and the site summarizes what your fees will be and any potential conflicts of interest you may run into. Finally, you download worksheets, letters, and minutes that are signature ready. The site is user-friendly and easy to understand, which is a valuable trait among fiduciary laws that may not appear so clear at first glance. If you are trying to understand fiduciary liability, then Fiduciary SafeHarbor is a great place to find assistance.

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