Website Launch: Consolidated Coatings, Inc

Adventure Web is exhilarated to bring on board one of our newest clients yet: Consolidated Coatings, Inc.!

Adventure Web is exhilarated to bring on board one of our newest clients yet: Consolidated Coatings, Inc.! Their stated specialty is restoring “beauty and integrity to all types of structures in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC for over 40 years.” They also offer services in the way of full-service exterior building restoration, professional painting, waterproofing and coatings, and historic building restoration! Let’s learn a little more about them

Primary Services Rendered: Waterproofing

Inadequate waterproofing can spell disaster for your building. With spring here and summer coming up on the horizon, there is no better time to work with Consolidated Coatings to complete any waterproofing work that you need to have done. Waterproofing systems can make a huge difference. CCI can provide you with foundation waterproofing, commercial waterproofing, and industrial waterproofing. Clear and breathable masonry sealers and waterproof decorative coatings can protect your building and make it even more beautiful at the same time!

Previous Projects 

In the past, CCI has worked with numerous clients, owners, and architects to revitalize buildings that needed some sprucing up. Azola Builders, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Merritt Properties, Bank of America, Railway Express Inc, Southern Management Properties, and Union Memorial Hospital have seen tremendous results thanks to years of dedication, commitment, and successful experimentation. 

Manufacturer Partners

CCI could not have built such an impressive portfolio over the years without trusted manufacturer partners. High-quality products from Aquafin, Dow Corning, Chem-Trete, Dayton Superior, and BASF have contributed to CCI’s sterling reputation. EIFS, Pecora Corporation, Sika, Prosoco, Sherwin-Williams, Euclid Chemical, STO, and Tremco were also instrumental manufacturer partners who have all helped CCI thrill every one of its clients since 1979 and beyond!  

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