Website Launch: Columbia Town Center Association

Website Launch: Columbia Town Center AssociationAdventure Web is pleased to welcome a new member of our family: Columbia Town Center Association. Check out their polished new branding and logo design that unveils the diversity of their community. A manor home built in 1811, Historic Oakland was restored by the Columbia Association in 1989 and renovated again in 2004. Besides being Town Center’s community center, Historic Oakland also offers rental space for social events and meetings. Furthermore, Oakland is home to the Town Center Community Association and the community.

How Can Columbia Town Center Association Assist You?

Welcome to Town Center! The Columbia Town Center Association’s mission is to encourage and support the highest quality of life possible in their community. If you plan to move to Columbia, there is plenty to see and do for people of all ages. Additionally, Town Center has various residential areas such as Banneker, Amesbury, Lakefront, Creighton’s Run, Vantage Point, Merriweather District, and Warfield. The latest project is Juniper within the Merriweather District – a 382-unit residence of 57,000 square feet of street-level retail.

What’s Next?

Coming soon in late 2022 is Marlow. Their newest project is a seven-story, 118 square-foot residential building that will strengthen the next development phase of the Merriweather District in Downtown Columbia. At heart, Columbia is endlessly growing, always looking forward, and consistently valuing each person’s contributions.

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