New Website Design: TeleRep Nationwide Call Center & Answering Service

telerep website design

Adventure Web is proud to announce the launch of a brand new website design to TeleRep Nationwide Call Center & Answering Service. We’re excited to bring TeleRep into 2016 with this new website design and to give them a better web presence. Let’s explore the new design and learn a little bit about TeleRep!

About TeleRep (and Their Website Design!)

TeleRep is a Nationwide Call Center & Answering Service for customer service and emergency response needs. Their huge services list speaks for itself in the innumerous ways they can help your business. We won’t list them all here — you can go explore for yourself at the end of this post. Serving all 50 states for more than 30 years, TeleRep is a trusted source for customized call center solutions. Don’t believe us? Check out their blog where they provide great weekly insight into the call center industry. You’ll quickly learn that their agents are top-notch and their favorite metric is quality.

As far as the website design goes, we’re excited about the new modern, sleeker, and more organized look of the new design. We’ll leave the old design in the Wayback Machine where it belongs. All the function is still there, just behind a much prettier, more user-friendly interface. Feel free to check it out for yourself right here!

Jealous of TeleRep’s Website Design?

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