Why You Should Integrate Social Media Marketing Into Your Web Design

When was the last time your website was redesigned? If the answer is “I had a website before Flash went out of style” then it’s probably time to think about an update. Even if your site was redesigned within the past 5 years, technology has been changing so quickly that you might still see some major benefits from giving it a facelift. One reason to upgrade your site is because social media marketing has become such an important factor for website rankings. In today’s blog, learn more about why a redesigned website that features integrated social media marketing could mean a huge benefit to your business.


How to integrate social media into your web design

First and foremost, links to all of your social accounts should be prominently displayed on your homepage. The icons for your links should be integrated with the overall look of your site and your web designer should style them to look coherent and cohesive with the rest of your design. Your clients shouldn’t have to work to find your social accounts, so you want to make it as easy as possible for the to like, follow, and retweet you on every social media platform (and you are marketing on social media, right???).

Keep the design coherent across platforms

While most social media platforms don’t let you go too crazy with personalizing your company’s page, there are steps you can (and should) take to make it obvious that your brand is coherent and cohesive. For example, be sure to use the same cover page for both Facebook and Google+, which would also ideally be the main page from your website. Also be sure to use the same type of language and phrasing on all platforms to make it even more clear that your social media presence is simply an extension of your website.

Use plenty of images

One reason that social media platforms have become so popular is because they are image-heavy. Today’s consumers much prefer to look at a picture than read a bunch of dialogue, so it is a powerful promotional tool. However, social media isn’t the only place where your clients should find pictures: Follow this trend to its logical conclusion by including more pictures in your web design as well.

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