How Web Content Creation Will Drive Company Sales



Web content creation will keep your consumer audience informed, trusting, and therefor ready to buy!

Before you start wondering whether or not people will read your company’s web content and if simply possessing a website is enough to drive sales, take a moment to think about it. The more search engine optimized information your site has published weekly to all social media platforms, the more click bait floats around with your name attached to it. For example, anytime someone is laxidasically wandering through StumbleUpon,  they could come across an article written for your blog that catches their eye. Providing an audience with information, first, before bombarding them with sales pitches and advertising will establish trust with your consumer audience. You want your clientele to take your word, especially in advertising.This week, Let’s look at creative ways web content will help you generate sales.

The Phases of Content Production


Your site’s content creation will target people at different points in the sales process. You need to start by making them aware, making them consider what you have to offer and then offering them a decision.

  • Awareness– People don’t know you. Making them aware of your products and services in a tasteful, persuasive way will get their attention. Present a problem that most people face. Give them a solution involving one of your products and your marketing integrity will skyrocket. Blogs are useful during this phase. Skillfully presenting easily relatable daily headaches and irritation and subtly weaving in product solution is easy to achieve on a written platform. Producing blogs spread to a mass audience through social media introduces your brand to millions of people in the blink of an eye. 
  • Credibility– Once your consumer audience knows who you are and the solutions you have to offer, it’s time to beef up your credibility. This means creating heavily researched, highly informative, and in-depth subject matter on topics relevant to your industry. For example, if you’re an HVAC contractor, posting a blog on a necessary coolant’s government-regulated phase out will keep those in the industry informed while making you appear reputable. 
  • Decisions, Decisions– Decision content is product demonstrations, pricing lists, and discount rates. In this phase of content creation, you’ve gained your audience’s attention and respect. They now know you as a trusted source of useful information and an expert in your industry. You’ve reached the promotional phase! With some hard work, you can now sell what you have and people will trust you enough to buy.


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