Quiet on the Set! Video Marketing SEO in Progress!

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A sneak peek behind the scenes of Adventure Web’s latest video testimonial shoot!

Welcome to 21st century marketing, where multimedia is king. As your source for all things marketing — video production included — we wanted to bring to light the importance of using video to improve your search ranking and draw attention to your brand. Video marketing SEO can make or break a brand, so here are some things to know.

Why Video Drives SEO

When we talked about multimedia a couple weeks ago, we mentioned the interest and appeal of multimedia marketing. Video goes beyond simply looking good. First of all, video conveys your message much better than just text on a page. It’s a more personal, more informational, and more efficient way to deliver your message to your online visitors. They’ll be more interested, you’ll get more clicks, and your brand will be in good shape. Speaking of clicks, videos are incredibly easy to share on social media, and they get the most clicks of any content on sites like Facebook and Twitter. All those likes, shares, and retweets add up to valuable links to your site.

Beyond that, Google notices video. Recent updates to Google’s search algorithm changed the strategy from simply optimizing a page for keywords to optimizing a page with quality content. Using many metrics to measure “quality,” among which are the length of time spent on a page (perhaps time spent watching a video), Google identifies pages that can answer searchers’ questions the best. Video is sure to get you noticed by customers and by search engines. (PS – YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine in 2016, right behind parent company Google. Enough said.)

How to Optimize Video Marketing SEO

Video marketing SEO is a little different from standard SEO, but holds the same basic concepts. For video, the first step is, well, shooting a good video! A haphazard smartphone video can get the job done, but it’s highly likely that it’ll just end up falling flat and looking unprofessional. Use a professional video production service (like…oh…we don’t know…Adventure Web Interactive?) to get a high-quality final product that your customers and followers will want to watch and share. Once the video is online, you want to make sure that the title, description, and metadata are optimized for keywords, just like with regular ol’ SEO. You can even go so far as to transcribe your video, and put that text right into the metadata — Google will see it and its keywords.

Ideas for Video Marketing Content

Before we leave you for today, we wanted to give you a few ideas for video content that will promote your brand and get noticed.

  • A customer testimonial video will show online visitors how happy your customers are with your products and services.
  • A product demonstration or introduction will spark interest about the great things you can provide.
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at your company gives your brand a more human feel and can show your customers what goes on day-to-day in your facility.

If done properly, a good video can increase traffic and clickthroughs, lower bounce rate, and get you better rankings in search engines. If you’re considering adding video to your marketing strategy, give us a call to get started.

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