Using Vine to Climb to the Top of Marketing

vine for marketing

Those who use Vine to gather their social media fame utilize those six seconds to tell entire stories.

Vine is a social media platform that doesn’t seem ideal for advertising when you first glance at it.  Based on video, Vine prides itself on six second clips, which are called “vines”.  Six seconds probably seems impossibly short–how can you advertise your business model in six seconds?  But those who use Vine to gather their social media fame utilize those six seconds to tell entire stories.  If you’re unsure whether or not Vine is worth your marketing department’s time, take a look at these aspects that make Vine ideal for advertising.  

It’s easily-consumable.


A six second video means it takes little-to-no time to watch.  This is actually an advantage in today’s social media world–no one wants to sit down and watch thirty seconds of advertising.  Whenever there is an opportunity to skip that first ad on Youtube videos, most people anticipate the option without paying attention to the ad at all.  A short video means your viewers won’t even have time to skip it, and it doesn’t take any time out of their day.  You can make an impactful point that sticks with them, rather than shoving a long video at them which requires significant attention.


It’s accessable.


Vine is a free mobile app.  The people who use it, all 40 million of them, can access it at all hours of the day without too much commitment.  Because of the auto-play feature, you don’t need to click into videos and wait.  And, the videos loop, so it’s easy to watch the content over again if you missed something.  Use this!  No one has to go out of their way to view your marketing, and so it’s not seen as a bother.


It engages your audience.


Effortlessly, your customers can revine and comment on your videos.  If you manage to create a vine that is truly creative and innovative, you’ll create enough of a buzz to be revined and seen by an even wider audience.  You’re more likely to reach people with Vine.  It’s easy to be viewed and shared, because it’s quick and convenient, unlike other platforms that require entire sharing processes for ads that may not be as interesting.


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