Using Pinterest to Increase Sales and Achieve Your ecommerce Goals

Increase ecommerce sales using PinterestIn today’s increasingly technological world, many businesses have already turned to ecommerce solutions to further increase sales. In 2013 alone, B2C ecommerce sales totaled more than 1.2 trillion dollars worldwide, with Amazon leading the way (of course!). And this figure is only expected to grow each and every year. Currently, ecommerce sites generate $1.2 million in sales every 30 seconds. Wow! So how is your business leveraging its online presence? Could you be doing more? How are you utilizing social media?

Using Pinterest to Increase Sales and Achieve Your ecommerce Goals

According to studies, the average user logs 1.72 hours per day on social platforms: 28% of their total online activity. If your company is not fully leveraging social media, you could be losing valuable opportunities to gain exposure and increase sales. One way to do this is with Pinterest, which has the highest average checkout value of all social media referral shoppers.

The Pin It URL Generator

Adding the Pin It button to your websites allows visitors to more easily share your content – your products – with their friends and family. This will only gain your further exposure, drive traffic to your website, and help increase sales.

Click Here to download the free Pin It URL Generator.

All you will need to enter is:

  1. Product or landing page URL
  2. Image URL
  3. A short 100-200 word description

All you have to do is copy the resulting code and paste it wherever you’re building a Pinterest link.

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