How to Use Live Video to Further Your Brand

Live Video

Using live video to promote your brand is a great way to engage with your audience directly.

Traditional thinking towards branding has become obsolete in some ways, and what many companies are realizing is the importance of being improvisational, adaptable, and seeming more human than just a corporation. We’ve mentioned before that live video is a trending technology for content marketing in 2017, but how can it be used effectively to promote your brand’s image?

Live Event Coverage

Trying to drum up ideas for a grand opening of a location? Hosting a poetry slam at your coffee shop? Utilizing a live video platform like Instagram’s streaming option may be the ideal social media marketing strategy to offer people an easy way to access an event without the demands of physically being there. It’s a good way to give your audience the feeling that they’ve participated even if they were busy at work or sick at home. Good branding is about accessibility, and widening your audience by allowing for virtual participants establishes your image as a business that invests in its consumer base’s concerns.

Customer Support and Q&As

Nothing makes a consumer feel more taken care of than being able to interact with customer support face-to-face, but this can be difficult in the digital age. Live video is a nice solution to this. It can put a human face to your brand, and being able to get solutions to problems with a sense of immediacy will only improve a customer’s opinion of your business. Hosting a question and answer session through live video is also a great way to involve yourself in active engagement with your target audience.


Many brands have gotten caught up in the illusion that imperfection is unacceptable, improvisation leads to imperfection, therefore everything must be rehearsed and rehashed. It’s true that adding an element of spontaneity to your marketing campaign increases the risk factor, but it also makes you look reachable and accessible. Showing behind-the-scenes footage through a live video application like Periscope is an easy way to let people know that your company is comprised of people too.

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