Twitter Posts Will Soon Appear in Google Search Results

Twitter Google SearchJust when you thought you had Google figured out. Bam! Pow! Zap! It’s like a 1960’s episode of Batman and Adam West is unleashing a flurry of first that will have you seeing stars. Not only are Google’s algorithms constantly changing, but now the search engine has reached an agreement with Twitter to start showing everyone’s favorite 140-character updates in organic search.

Twitter Posts Will Soon Appear in Google Search Results

Twitter has given Google access to its firehose, the stream of data generated by Twitter’s 284 million users. So what does this mean for you? Before you know it – within the first half of 2015 – Tweets will start to be visible in Google search as soon as they are posted.

Twitter also provides data to Microsoft Corp.’s Bing and Yahoo! Inc., as Twitter Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo continues to try and expand the reach of Tweets to non-Twitter users, especially as user growth has slowed recently.

“For Google, we believe search results will be enhanced by access to real-time tweets and a much broader amount of content,” said Doug Anmuth, an analyst at JPMorgan.

This also means a greater benefit to businesses that take full advantage of Twitter. Now those little 140-character updates carry more weight. It isn’t one and done, only taking advantage of those few precious minutes while your tweet remains at the top of the Twitter feed before it is pushed down underneath of the weight of sports updates and celebrity gossip. Now, Tweets mean something. Tweets will help make a lasting impact for businesses. Tweets will impact SEO (search engine optimization).

Are You Taking Advantage of Twitter?

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