Twitter Optimization: How to Use the Blue Bird to Your Advantage

twitter optimization

Truly understanding Twitter means understanding the audience you want to reach.

More often than not, businesses struggle with Twitter.  Truly understanding Twitter means understanding the audience you want to reach.  As always, consider age and demographic, and make sure you understand the geography of your business to see what hashtags people are exploring in your area.  You probably know that you need to update regularly and continue following and retweeting people, but are you at a loss for everything else?  Don’t worry; at Adventure Web, we know Twitter like the back of our hands.  Keep reading for a few tidbits of advice.

Pick a good handle and username.


Incase you didn’t know, your handle is the end of your URL, and your username is what people see after the @ symbol when you make a tweet.  These are important–if they’re vague and hard to decypher, your customers won’t even know it’s you.  You should make this easy to remember.  For example, if you’re a paving company based in Maryland named Sally’s Paving Company, your twitter handle should be something like twitter.com/sallyspavingcompany.  Nice and simple, but very direct, so no one’s getting confused.  Try not to differ too much from your other social media account names if you can help it.


Use relevant and popular hashtags.


No one is going to go on twitter to search #sidewalks.  Not even your customers.  Sally’s Paving Company needs to make sure their hashtags are searchable, which is admittedly a challenge.  Sally could probably use something like “#infrastructure” or “#potholerepair”, especially during harsh winters, when the city deploys plows that destroy roadways.  Most adult Twitter users are going to be searching for city and county news updates in their area, or weather updates.  Angry users may tweet at county official twitters, asking why plows haven’t come down their streets.  Sally could advertise her business by asking people, “Do you need #potholerepair done after those county plows wrecked your road?  We’ve got you covered.”  Which leads me to my next point.


Give a shrunken URL at the end.


As of the time of publishing this blog, Twitter counts URLs as part of their character count.  This can seriously detract from your character count availability, especially if the URL is long.  That’s where goo.gl comes in.  Type goo.gl into your search bar–this is a website, powered by Google, that shrinks long URLs into a smaller one.  You’ll be using less characters, and people won’t be deterred from longer links.  


Need Twitter help?  Adventure Web can do the hard work for you.


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