What is Tumblr and Why Don’t We Use It?


Tumblr isn't very useful in terms of marketing potential. There are many popular social media sites that are amazingly utilized for marketing. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are definitely in the top of the heap, but what about smaller, more niche sites like Tumblr? Today we’re going to be talking about tumblr, what it is, and why it’s really not an effective marketing tool. Are you ready to learn some more about tumblr? Let’s take a look.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social media site that is primarily used to share content in the form of pictures. Video and text are also viable posting options, but they are substantially less supported in terms of formatting and post interaction. The demographic of tumblr is principally young people under 35. Basically, what you do when you make an account is you post or “Reblog” photos, images, and videos. “Reblogging” something is when you simply take the post that is on your main stream of media and place it onto your personal stream of media, or your “blog.” Reblogging allows you to give a nod to the original creator of the post while collecting it into a centralized place to enjoy later. Sociologically, tumblr is a place for people who like to create fan art, original art, or people who enjoy “Fandom.” Briefly, a fandom is a group of people who enjoy a particular T.V. show, video game, book, or other plot-driven media device. Tumblr serves as a place for people within a fandom to relate and share media. It may sound like tumblr would be a great place for marketing campaigns, right?

Why isn’t tumblr an effective marketing tool?

Sociologically speaking, the market simply isn’t there. Recently, there was a push from Yahoo, the site’s current owner, to add prioritized posts to generate ad revenue. It failed miserably. Users simply do not respond to traditional click-based ads. Users do respond to humorous advertising, but the user base can be exceptionally fickle about what humor is. In the end, the effort requires to integrate into the very specific culture of tumblr and then generate content is a wasted one, hence why we don’t use it.

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