Top 3 Leading UX Design Trends in 2021

By incorporating the latest leading UX design trends into your website, Adventure Web Interactive can keep your company in the game.

At Adventure Web Interactive, our skilled team of web developers and copywriters keep an eye open for leading UX design trends currently on the horizon. Whether your website receives a ton of daily hits or you’re looking for leads to generate incoming traffic to your company, Adventure Web Interactive can lead the way. Since users visit tons of websites daily, companies and small businesses must remain innovative to keep up with their competitors. By incorporating the latest leading UX design trends into your website, Adventure Web Interactive can keep your company in the game.

Leading UX Design Style: Simplified 

In the digital age, companies are opting to steer clear of overly-cluttered websites filled with text-heavy navigation. Instead, businesses should focus on establishing a cohesive and simplified brand identity with a streamlined user interface. By minimizing the level of clickthroughs that clients have to navigate to contact your company or find the services that they’re looking for, you’re more likely to keep your client’s attention span and generate leads for services you’re offering. Our web developers can work with you to coordinate a simplified, cohesive design that’s guaranteed to showcase your companies services. 

Establishing a Cohesive Brand Palette 

As a company, it’s essential to establish a cohesive brand palette filled with colors you’re looking to incorporate into your web design. This palette can also be interconnected to your new logo and usually consists of 4-6 colors that are complementary and friendly to your user’s experience while browsing through your website. The current color palettes we’ve noticed on the rise? Pastels, bold hues, and white backgrounds with highly colorful professional images. 


All companies must ensure that their website is mobile-optimized. This means that users can navigate through your website on their smartphone, iPhone, or tablet with the same amount of ease that they could while working from a laptop or desktop computer. At Adventure Web Interactive, our professional web designers can strategically work to fully optimize your website on a mobile scale. That way, you don’t miss out on any business opportunities. Are you interested in a consult? Contact Adventure Web Interactive today! 

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