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Top 3 Benefits of Email Marketing for Commercial Businesses

email marketing

You should consider implementing email marketing into your strategic marketing plan to retain your current customers.

While social media platforms can serve as a highly effective form of marketing to attract your target audience, you should consider implementing email marketing into your strategic marketing plan to retain your current customers. Email marketing is an effective form of communication with your existing customers and can provide them with the opportunity to stay connected with your commercial business. Additionally, current customers can be notified of ongoing sales and specials that you might be running. Statistically speaking, this form of marketing is 40% more effective at generating leads and churning out ROI than social media marketing, making it incredibly beneficial for commercial businesses. 

Email Marketing Can Help Keep Your Current Customers in the Loop 

An investment in email marketing can help keep your current customers in the loop. Since current customers visit your website and sign up for an email newsletter or mailing list, your company is marketing towards an already engaged audience. By interacting with customers that intentionally opted-in to receive your content, they are more likely to engage with your specials and promotions. This can potentially help increase your profits at your commercial business and create space for repeat customers. 

Statistics of Email Marketing 

Adventure Web Interactive can work with your commercial business to relay the statistics of your marketing campaigns. Since we’ve partnered with Constant Contact, a web-based email service, we have access to up-to-the-minute metrics on every email sent. These statistics include the number of emails opened by your customers, forwarded, clicked-on links, and more. This can provide your commercial business with real-life insight into the success of your marketing content

Highest Return on Investment (ROI) in Comparison to Social Media Marketing

From a statistical standpoint, email marketing provides the highest return on investment (ROI) in comparison to social media marketing. According to research, an average of $42 is earned for every $1 spent on email marketing. As a passive form of income for your commercial business, it can help keep your current customers engaged and rake in a higher ROI than social media marketing alone. Is your commercial business interested in implementing email marketing in your strategic social media plan? Contact Adventure Web Interactive today!

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