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Tips for Using LinkedIn to Build Your Company’s Presence

linkedin advp

LinkedIn is ideal for B2B marketing and building your company’s presence on social media.

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for business-to-business communication. A professional platform, LinkedIn offers certifications for Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, and other vital technology applications used in business today. People can show off their professional accomplishments like promotions or certifications. The platform shows your business’s profile, who works there, and allows you to interact with other businesses and professionals. LinkedIn is ideal for B2B marketing and building your company’s presence on social media. Adventure Web Interactive offers a social media posting and blogging service that will take care of your LinkedIn communications for you.

Make the LinkedIn Algorithm Work For You

The beauty of the professional world is networking. On LinkedIn, these are called connections. The first level of connections are people who work for your company or simply follow your social media. The second and third tiers of connections are friends or co-workers with your first tier of connections. Any kind of classmate you made throughout the years will also be a connection from your profile that will view your business’s posts. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more likely your posts will be picked up by the algorithm and placed on the feeds of your connections. 

Set Your Business Apart in LinkedIn Search Results

As with any social media platform, LinkedIn favors accounts that post regularly and often. The more you interact with other posts through liking or sharing, the more interaction you will get from the algorithm. Similar to an Internet Browser cookie, the algorithm tracks what hashtags you use, connections you have made, and data you post. It uses this information to suggest similar businesses or professionals to your account to make more connections. With Adventure Web Interactive’s blogging service, we will make a post once a week with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content that will give you a leg up on the algorithm. To increase your chances of building more connections and more traffic to your profile, join industry-related groups and add colleagues to your network. If you have a personal account separate from your business profile, consider sharing any business content onto your private profile. This can jumpstart engagement on your posts. 

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