Tips for Successful Instagram Marketing

Make sure you’re successful on Instagram with these tips.

Every day, more and more people are making the shift from Facebook to Instagram. Once written off as a place just for posting selfies, Instagram has become a hub for communication. This handy app features everything from content creators to news to vloggers, and Instagram is currently one of the best platforms for businesses to reach potential customers.

Nail the Visual Appeal

Having the right aesthetic is everything on Instagram. Because Instagram is mainly centered around visuals, it’s important that you have a strong brand image. Make your logo crisp and easy to distinguish when scrolling down the feed, and make sure that the pictures you post show a variety for contrast. One trendy trick is to post a series of pictures in a certain order so that they eventually piece together into a larger image when a person looks at the grid view of your pictures on your profile.

Embrace Stories

Ever since Instagram introduced the story feature on its platform, it has become immensely popular. An Instagram story can be as simple as a brief timed slideshow or involve user interaction through live comments and polls. You can’t miss out on this opportunity to reach your audience. Even people who don’t use Instagram as much will still visit the app to check out recent stories. Instagram stories have just the right element of surprise; take advantage of that with segmented story posts that keep the curiosity of your audience going.

User Interaction

Stories aren’t the only way to get more people involved with your business on Instagram. You can use your account to feature user-generated content and highlight positive comments in a fun shout-out. Another way to boost your business is to incentivize user interaction. You can do this by making an occasional contest where people need to comment with a certain hashtag in order to enter, or you can post exclusive sales for users to watch out for. Whatever you do, remember to sprinkle it here and there to keep people guessing. Too many contests will make your audience take them for granted and might not encourage them to interact as much.

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