Time Management Solutions for Your Business

Time Management Solutions

Learn how to manage your to-do list.

Time is a difficult thing to manage, especially if you run a business. Every time you schedule out your day, it seems that things come up and pull you away from your daily goals. There’s a way to get a better handle on time management, and it starts with knowing how you’re spending your time. Time is relative when you are doing something fun versus doing something monotonous. This is why it’s hard for us to constantly judge how much time we’re spending on things. According to Entrepreneur.com, you can start understanding how you’re spending your time by breaking it down into three things: thoughts, conversations, and actions. These are the three main ways that we spend our time efficiently at work. Once you become more aware of how your time is spent doing these three things, you can become better at managing it. Here are some steps to get you into the groove of checking and managing how you spend your time.

  • Keep a record. Start carrying a schedule and recording how much time you spend on thoughts, conversations, and actions throughout each day. Doing this will help you understand where precious time is going that is not spend on one of the three cardinal rules. This will also help you understand how much you can realistically get done in a single day, so you can set yourself practical goals.
  • Improve your to-do lists. You can keep adding and adding things to your to-do list, but without specific time set aside to do them, your to-do list will feel like a Damocles’ sword hanging over your head. Instead of having an endless list of to-do items and feeling like you can never get anything done, schedule in specific days and times to do things. If you don’t get it done, schedule it in again until it is done or consider outsourcing the work if you have too much to handle. Make sure that you’re making reasonable estimates on how long it will take you to finish your tasks.
  • Spend time on results. Figure out which thoughts, conversations, and actions produce the most results then allot 50% of your time to those.
  • Plan for interruptions. Interruptions happen, whether we want them or not. Set aside a little time during your day for the inevitability of interruptions, that way you’re not crestfallen when your packed schedule didn’t get accomplished.
  • Set your goals. Take the first 30 minutes of your day to set your daily goals. Take five minutes before every brainstorm, phone call, and meeting to assess what result you are expecting. Taking the time to outline you goals will help guide your actions when you’re working.

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