Apple’s Marketing Strategy: A Song of Simplicity


Apple’s simple marketing approach is the key to their massive success.

When the iPhone 7 was released yesterday, it wasn’t announced at a press conference with 30 or 40 people. Rather, it was debuted to the world during a live global event, as Apple has done every September for the last few years.

This was the first year that there wasn’t a feature or gadget added to the device instead, there was one taken away. So how is CEO Tim Cook, going to convince the public to buy a phone that has fewer features than before?  The answer lies in Apple’s marketing strategy. It’s one that’s launched the tech company into superstardom, and we’ll have to wait and see how it fares through the release of their 7th iPhone model.


Marketers are asking for more; more websites, more social media campaigns, longer television ads, more billboards, etc. When it comes to marketing, the average idea is that the more complex the campaign, the more profitable the gain. However, when it comes to Apple, simple is a success. Let’s back up a few years a recall their initial Mac vs. P.C advertisements. There wasn’t a long list of features and compared information. The campaign was focused on two guys standing against a white wall. Since then, Apple has become the staple of the minimalist style. Their billboards and magazine spots are typically a picture of one of their devices held in front of a white wall. Their focus is their product, and it’s why so many people have caught the Apple bug.

The Customer Experience

When you walk into your local Apple store, the lighting is appealing, the staff is friendly, and you can personally handle every gadget that apple has to offer with your own two hands. Making their products accessible to the community is another way that Apple has become such a necessity. Every person is able to experience an apple product before making any sort of purchase on one. When a company allows their consumers to understand their products, they are more likely to purchase them.

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