The Profitability Improvement Specialist is now online!

BEIPros, INC - The Profitability Improvement Specailist!In today’s economic environment, it is more critical than ever to maximize your service profitability & operational performance in order to weather the current financial storm. That is where our newest site, BEIPros, INC can step in!

They have a proven track record of achieving 52% + GP in service while, at the same time, improving all levels of service to your customers. In addition, they will show you how to recoup the cost of any of their programs within the first 90 days.

BEIPros, INC specializes in a nine phase consulting service program:

1. Assessment and Identification

2. Performance to benchmark analysis (operational & financial).

3. Development of the action plan

4. Development of clearly defined expectations and responsibilities at the service manager, supervisor, tech, parts and dispatch positions

5. Full explanation of how to begin the execution process

6. Review and implementation of all processes needed for full execution of the plan

7. Implementation of an expense control model

8. Monitoring and continued improvement process

9. Utilize the BEI Pros Service Tools (Territory development, performance stack ranking against existing BEI Pros customers, company trend performance, periodic round tables)

They also provide Service Management Operational Excellence & Profitability Improvement Training. This is the industry’s first service training program that focuses on proven methods that have been developed to drive profitability and operational performance within service. Their unique program is designed for all levels of service management, having helped improve over 100 companies in these areas. To learn more about BEIPros INC, visit their newly launched website at www.beipros.com!


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