The Advantages of Responsive Web Design

If you want to be ahead of the game in 2013, it’s time to make your website a responsive web design.

What does a responsive web design do for your business web page?

The responsive web design makes your  business web page appear wider and when the browser shrinks, the content perfectly resizes to fit any screen viewing.

What’s the big deal about responsive web design?

Internet users are more likely to purchase products and services from companies with responsive web design because  responsive web design is easier for Internet users to consume content.

Internet users are no longer solely using PCs to view websites. They are using tablets and smartphones.

In fact, sales for PCs are dropping as Tablet sales are exceeding over 100 million sales before the end of 2012.

It is expected that 50% of  website traffic will come from mobile devices rather than PCs by the end of 2013.

With a responsive web design, your website will be prepared to attract consumers to your products and services no matter what device they are viewing the worldwide web.

User friendly mobile websites will be key to business success in 2013.

The Pew Research Center has revealed that  60% of tablet users prefer reading from the mobile web. To ensure your web site is mobile web friendly, it’s highly recommended that your site has responsive web design. It will ensure your business website works well on every device.

The last thing you want your website to look like on any technology device is sloppy and disorganized.

How does a responsive web design function?

It uses media queries to identify the resolution device the Internet user is viewing your business from.

Once the resolution device is identified, the flexible images and fluid grids on your website will be positioned to fit the screen of the user.

If your website is viewed from a desktop browser, the browser window will be made to shrink images and your content columns for easy viewing.

As for touch devices, consumer will be able to swipe in between columns for effective adaptive design viewing.

To put it simple, you will only need a website built once  because responsive web design will work seamlessly across not hundreds but thousands of technology screen types.

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Our responsive web design will provide your potential customers and clients alike optimal viewing across multiple  technology gadgets and screen sizes using one code base. It’s simple to use and consistently accessible to all.

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