Survive “Mobilegeddon” With a Baltimore Web Design Company

You’ve seen it trending on Twitter and heard all of the buzz on Buzzfeed, but what exactly is this “Mobilegeddon” thing people are talking about? As we’ve talked about in a few previous blogs, Google has been placing more and more emphasis on giving higher rankings to sites that are mobile responsive, and on April 21, this emphasis will translate into penalties for sites that are not responsive. If you want to keep your site in the top Google search results even after Mobilegeddon hits, your Baltimore web design company can help!

 How Did “Mobilegeddon” Begin?mobile-responsive-mobilegeddon

 Many people are wondering why Google has chosen to implement penalties for non-mobile-responsive sites starting this spring. But, if you think about it, the reason is a fairly understandable one: the vast majority of consumers today have some type of mobile device, whether that means a smartphone or a tablet, and they regularly use their devices to access the internet. Google’s new policy is in response to this shift in how we get online, and your own website needs to keep up in order to stay successful!

 How Do I Know if My Site is Mobile-Responsive?

 A mobile-responsive or “mobile-friendly” website will have a few specific characteristics that Google will be on the lookout for. If your site is mobile-responsive, it should…

…have easy-to-read text that you do not need to zoom in to see clearly.

…not be using software that mobile devices cannot support.

…be able to resize itself so that its content fits the size of the screen it is displayed on.

…be easy to navigate accurately, even on a small screen.

Getting your site to the optimum mobile-friendly level is more important than ever now that Google will officially be launching its penalty system on April 21. Mobilegeddon may even end up sending sites that were ranking in the top spots in Google down to the bottom of the list, while mobile-responsive sites will be reaping the big-time benefits of this new system.

 How Can I Get a Mobile-Responsive Website?

 Finding a web design company that understands the importance of mobile solutions will be the key to ensuring your site stays highly ranked on Google. Adventure Web Interactive’s web design team will create a site that is responsive and well-suited for today’s consumer. If you are interested in having your website designed with mobile compatibility in mind, contact us today!