Social Shares are Converting to Higher Sales for Retailers

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If you have doubted the effectiveness of social media marketing, this may put a rest to your doubts. New Adobe Systems Inc. reports have shown social media marketing is delivering on its promise to bring business owners small and larger higher sales. Specifically social media marketing is driving up online sales.

Consumers shopping retailer websites are clicking referrals and advertisement right on social media platforms like Facebook and Google+. They are even more likely to make a retail purchase because they use social media on a regular basis.

Since Adobe Systems Inc. released the data report; businesses are searching for ways to better use consumer data collected from social networks.

When you are able to connect with your audiences through social media marketing, you increase your chances of driving sales through the worldwide web.

Adobe Systems Inc. is now beginning market research on how social media marketing can draw in drive hard sales as well.

The most effective brands pay attention analytics tools and use that data collection to make better business decisions.

For retailers, the most beneficial social media platforms are Pinterest and Facebook. The average Pinterest referral brings in 55 cents of revenue every time a social media user visits the site. A Facebook referral brings in an average of 83 cents per site visit.

Bottom line: Social Media is showing a better conversion rate year after year and it’s showing no sign of slowing up.

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Our social media experts will serve as an extension of your company to provide you better analytics and truly help you target social media users and overall web users. The higher sales social media is delivering to businesses is the reason why your business brand needs to be engaging on social media and have a well designed website to present your business brand.

The quicker and easier your business learns to convert visitors until buyers, the more business opportunities will come through for your company. Adventure Web Productions is ready to help your grow bigger and better, year after year.

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More than 40% of all social media users have made some type of retail purchase after  sharing it with connections or favoriting/ bookmarking it on a website. And Facebook is the network where social media users mostly do it  at.

Adventure Web Productions is here to help  you  find ways to drive social media users to your website and offer them an incentive to share / extend the brand experience for social media users.

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