Why Do Some Social Media Sites Fail?


social media sitesWe all remember relics like MySpace or Friendster. Those were the sites we used to go to when we needed to share our innermost thoughts on our favorite tv shows and whether or not we were ever going to make it out of our small towns. We used to go to Live Journal and Xanga when we needed to share some poetry or a particularly scathing remark about the political climate. We used to be so invested in these sites, but we hardly ever touch them anymore. Why is that? Why do some social media sites fail? Let’s find out.

The psychology of social media plays a big part in its rise and fall.

When a social media site first starts, there isn’t a lot of traffic and you don’t have a lot of friends. You can share things rather openly without the worry of your coworkers or your acquaintances seeing because they probably aren’t connected to you on the site yet. You’re in a new world of fun and sharing with little to no self-consciousness. As the site grows, you make more connections and the social climate starts to become more diverse. Maybe you become friends with your boss. Suddenly you’re doing a lot more self-policing and little by little you might stop using the site altogether. This phenomenon doesn’t happen to everyone, but it has impacted many people who use social media sites.

The landscape is always changing, and some sites simply can’t keep up.

Technology is always changing and growing. When MySpace fell, Facebook was the champion of the “mature” world of social media. It was a place where you could talk to your “real friends.” LinkedIn boasted its “Business Only” social climate and grew. The examples go on and on. The social media sites that were operating at the time simply couldn’t transition their brand to meet the changing needs of the people and thus, were dropped. When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important for companies like us to stay on top of the internet’s many trends.

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