Social Media Marketing: What are the Benefits of Google+?

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Have you been told that social media marketing can help you generate more business revenue? It’s true but you have to be on the right social media platforms for your type of business. One essential social media platform your business should be on today is Google+.

What is so important about Google+ when it comes to social media marketing?

Google+ will play a major role in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. It is one of the most rapidly growing social networks out there and the only social media platform that truly influences Google search.

According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ is now in second place for most used social network in the world, with less than two years under its belt. As a Google product, sharing on Google+ will count towards your business overall SEO ranking. This means your company should have valuable content posted on Google+ on a weekly basis. In fact, the Google search engine indexes Google+ similar to the way it indexes standard web pages. Any business content you post to Google+ is searchable on Google. If you regularly post web content on Google+, the search results for your business products and services will eventually rank higher than your competitors.

Why? The content from Google+ will remain on Google search for longer than content shared on other social networks. You can even improve your brand awareness within Google+ by using hashtags to index your web content. The hashtags work within Google search as well.

Adventure Web Productions can manage your social media marketing and make sure your business is using relevant hashtags throughout your social media business pages.

Google is finding ways to integrate Google+ into every Google product. It’s time for your business to jump aboard the Google+ marketing platform.

Adventure Web Productions is here to help your company dominate your industry by providing your company a channel to have a voice in social media buzz.

With effective web communication and social media brand exposure, your company will receive more web traffic and yield more sales.

Sit down with us to receive social media consulting services. We are here to identify the best social media platforms for your business needs. Stay connected with your target audiences; generate sales.

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