New Website Launch: Shadowland Adventures

Shadowland Adventures Laser TagWelcome to a new edition of Website Launch. If you have always wanted to be a spy, assassin, and survive a zombie apocalypse, we have the adventure for you! Shadowland Adventures will test all of your stealth and survival skills. Intrigued? Check out Shadowland Adventures!

Shadowland Adventures is More Than Just a Simple Game of Laser Tag

Shadowland Adventures isn’t like other laser tag facilities. Your group will be given a game script of scenarios to follow while trying to shoot the other team’s Game Enhancement Modules (GEMs). Every time your group enters the gaming floor, your team will be given a different scenario to follow in order to keep the party going. The GEMs each player is given acts like a life force. This pack will give plays the advantages of acquiring special powers and hidden forces throughout the game while keeping in touch with fellow teammates and the central game computer. Each player starts off with energy once they enter the room; the idea is to survive with the most amount of energy left at the end of the game. Stay alive to stay in the game. If you run out of energy, you lose a life and will be out of the game for 10 seconds. With four different formats to choose from and dozens of scenarios, your team will have a blast! But when the game is over, your adventure doesn’t have to stop. Try your spy skills at the Laser Maze Challenge! You’ll have to cross from one side of the room to the other while not touching the green lasers. Touch them and seconds are added onto your score. Call Shadowland Adventures for their laser tag prices and party pack adventures! And this adventure isn’t just for kids, adults are welcome to join in the fun!

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