Recently Launched: Lisa Gordon Dabbs, D.C.


I would like to introduce you to a combination of therapies that has both intrigued me and allowed many people to return to health. I am fascinated with the myriad ways in which health can be optimized. Techniques and therapies have dropped in my lap just as I have needed them. As a chiropractor, I am able to offer many different types of care. Most people are familiar with chiropractic, the art and science of practicing by hand, allowing a person’s innate intelligence to heal the body once subluxations are removed from the spine, joints are returned to their normal function and pressure is removed from the peripheral nervous system. Newer to the field of the healing arts are Advanced Allergy Therapeutics and Cranial Spinal Integration, an offshoot of and improvement on the BioCranial System, and a way to free the central nervous system of stress and irritation.

Visit Lisa and learn more about her practice at http://craniallergy.com.