Place your business on Google

As this article states, one in five Google searches focuses on a business with a specific location.  This more than anything else highlights the value of a Google Places listing.  These accounts bring local customers right to the businesses’ doorsteps by allowing the businesses to show up in searches for specific lines of business, provide maps to their locations, and provide photos and other pertinent info that customers need to know.  In addition, there are functions that allow satisfied customers to leave reviews for others to see.  Here are some additional benefits to Google Places.

Google Places will show you what searches bring users to your page, so you can refine and specify better keywords.  It can also use the driving directions users retrieve to pinpoint what geographic areas your customers are coming from.

Google Places allows businesses to post coupons and deals online to further entice customers.  It also can assign a scannable barcode for each companies allowing customers to quickly scan and transfer information to their smart phones.  This feature will also help increase the use of electronic coupons.

For more on Google Places or to get help setting up your account and other social media, contact us. We’ll not only create the sites but optimize them to ensure customers can find you.