Pinterest’s New Visual Search Feature Lets You Search Without Text

If your business isn’t already utilizing Pinterest, you’re missing out on a potentially huge market. A new feature that was rolled out yesterday on this wildly popular social networking site allows Pinterest users to search for items within images without using text. If you have a retail business, this new feature will allow your products to be searchable by whole new markets, expanding on the platform’s recent introduction of buyable pins. Learn more about this new Pinterest development in today’s blog.


Pinterest’s New Visual Search Feature Lets You Search Without Text


Pinterest’s new visual search feature will allow users to search for items that catch their eye within images that they pin. A new search button will pop up in the corner of a pinned image which will give users the ability to pinpoint the feature within the image that they want to explore and will bring up related search results. As an example, if a user pinned an image of an interior with a couch that they wanted to research, they could simply highlight the couch and they would automatically be able to search similar couches. Results can then be filtered by suggested topics and the search window will be resizable, allowing users to capture any item within the image that catches their fancy.

Pinterest recently implemented buyable pins, which gives users the ability to directly purchase items from retailers. The site has more than 60 million buyable pins and this new visual search feature will expand this already booming site’s capacity to grow your business.

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