Pinterest & You: Optimize Your Pinterest SEO

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SEO for a network like Pinterest is easy, though it’s often neglected in favor of more complicated SEO processes like Google.

Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are constantly growing and changing to adapt to the needs of their users.  Adventure Web Interactive works hard to make sure that the content we post to those sites for our clients is optimized for consumer access. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be tricky, with marketers trying to find the exact combination of keywords and rich descriptions to help you easily find what you’re looking for (and discover things you didn’t know you needed!).

SEO for a network like Pinterest is easy, though it’s often neglected in favor of more complicated SEO processes like Google. Anna Majkowska, a software manager on Pinterest’s search team, shared some great advice during a panel at SMX East this time last year. So if you are still managing your own social media presence on Pinterest, here are a few of her tips to help you boost your pins to the top of Pinterest!

Keep Your Name the Same

Your account name, user name, and business name should all be the same. Consistency is key and users are more likely to find you if they have a consistent, recognizable name to follow.

Verify Your Website

Pinterest ranks Verified Pinterest accounts higher in their internal search process. Make sure to verify your account – if you haven’t yet, this page has instructions about how to complete the process.

Make Your Website Pin-Friendly

Pin-It buttons on your website encourages users to pin directly from you, rather than forcing users to create a pin from scratch. The more people pin directly from you, the higher your posts will rank in the search. Make sure to include pictures with your content so that your pinned content looks visually appealing!

Double-Check Your Links

Always make sure that your links work before and after you’ve posted your pins. Broken links, 404 pages, and deleted or expired pages just annoy users and don’t help your business in any way. If you are changing a page on your website to reflect a new product or service, make sure to update the related pins!

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