Can my Business benefit from Pinterest? YES!

Pinterest BusinessPinterest is the fastest growing social media site ever. And while that is all well and good, you really just want to know one thing; “Can my Business benefit from Pinterest?” The simple answer is YES!

What is Pinterest?

Remember when you used to put tabs on pages when you found an interesting quote while reading a book? That is essentially how Pinterest works, except instead of using tabs on pages, you “pin,” or bookmark, specific images and articles you find fascinating. You can then organize those pins on specific boards (categories), such as “Interior Design Ideas” or “Future Vacation Destinations” or “Interesting Recipes.”

According to Pinterest itself, the site “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.” But how can this benefit your business?

How Pinterest can benefit your Business


When a user comes across your profile, they can choose to follow your business or one of your individual boards. This means that every time you pin something new, it will appear on their feed. When you write a new article and pin it, your followers will see it. When you launch a new product and pin an image, your followers will see it.

Pretty neat, huh? Pinterest can be an immensely powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and gaining exposure.


One important piece of functionality that we have failed to mention to far is “Re-pinning.” Essentially, a user can view your company’s Pinterest boards and share any pins – pictures of your products, articles you have written, etc. – they find to be interesting. And as more and more people share your pins, more and more people will be exposed to your business.

Oh yea, did we mention that every pin is a hyperlink to the original content? So whenever someone shares one of your pins, they are essentially sharing your website, your products with their family and friends.

New Pinterest Functionality

Now users not only have the ability to follow other users, like your business, and their boards, but also specific interests: hiking, fitness, cooking, etc. Following an interest means those pins will now appear in your feed.

Want to get your Business on Pinterest?

Adventure Web will develop and maintain a custom social media campaign for you that includes Pinterest. This campaign will help your company’s brand awareness, help establish a community of followers, help increase your organic SEO, and, in the near future, help boost sales. Our custom Social Media campaigns include a custom-skinned blog, weekly blog posts, social media business profiles, and weekly posts to those profiles.

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