How to Painlessly Generate Traffic on Pinterest

generate traffic on Pinterest

Gain a Pinterest following by following these simple rules.

There are sites on the web that cater to a wide demographic. No matter what your business is, you are likely to grow your client base if you have an online presence on sites like Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter. Pinterest is also one of the internet behemoths, with over 100 million monthly active users! However, the Pinterest demographic is mainly women from the ages of 15-29. If this is your target demographic, then Pinterest can be a marketing goldmine. If you know how to use it right, that is. Here are three things you can do to improve your Pinterest presence and target client engagement.

Create Targeted Pinterest Boards

The first step to generate traffic on Pinterest is to create boards that directly appeal to your target audience. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many businesses on Pinterest will bookmark sites that are only tangentially relevant to the interests of their target demographic. Before you start creating your boards, take a look at the boards of your competitors. What sort of topics are they pinning? What common trends resonate most with their followers? After you have this intel, you can carefully craft your Pinterest boards.

Use Long Format Images

Google has put an increasing emphasis on user experience. This means that a lot of businesses will add rich images and videos to their sites in order to improve user experience. You can generate traffic on Pinterest by incorporating longer images and infographics into your boards. Plus, if you are taking up more real estate on people’s Pinterest feeds with a long format image, your post is more likely to generate pins and clicks.

Use Hashtags

A hotly-debated way to generate traffic on Pinterest is to use hashtags in your pins. Some argue that people on Pinterest don’t like to click on posts laden with hashtags, while others argue that the hashtags are an extra parameter that will help users find your posts. The best way to use hashtags is to use them very carefully and in moderation. If you can put one or two relevant hashtags on a post, then it will likely help the post to be discovered by more people. However, filling a post with lots of hashtags that aren’t strictly related to your pin is likely to make your post look spammy and drive away potential followers.

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