How Does Online Lead Generation Work?

online lead generationLead generation is something that almost every business-to-business or B2B company struggles with, and with good reason! With no road maps, it can be difficult to determine where to start or how to start, even though all B2B companies can agree that something needs to be done to increase their online presence and increase lead generation. Here are a variety of ways to ease into online lead generation and reap the many benefits of social media marketing.

First Things First, What is a Lead?

Any potential customer that is interested in purchasing your services or product is a lead. The contact form on your website that asks people to fill it out for more information? Every person that submits their information is a potential lead. Leads are people who have an immediate or near-future need for the services or products that you offer and are interested in purchasing from you. Leads are incredibly valuable when it comes to making money as a B2B company.

Where Can You Get Online Leads From?

This might be a little too obvious, but you should first make sure that your company has a website. Your website is the hub of every online marketing initiative you have and your online leads will be generated through your use of it. Your marketing team should use various social media marketing strategies to guide traffic to your website. Once they arrive there and are interested in what you can do to meet their needs, they will fill out your contact form or give you a call. The number of leads that your website generates divided by the total number of visitors to your website is your conversion rate. This tells you how effective your website and sales are at a glance. Most B2B companies have conversion rates between 2-6%.

How Do I Increase My Number of Leads?

Once you understand what leads are and where you get them from, you are undoubtedly wondering how you can get more than you currently have. There are two ways to get more leads: getting more traffic or increasing your conversion rate. By increasing traffic and increasing the number of visitors, your leads will increase proportionally.  You can increase traffic through writing blog posts, using search engine optimization tools, and social media marketing. By increasing your conversion rate through surveying or consumer testing, you can increase your number of leads without increasing the traffic and online presence required. For maximum lead generation, try doing both at the same time!

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