How to Use Newsjacking in Your Company’s Online Content

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Newsjacking takes nuance, patience, and a voracious appetite for online content.

Content creation relies on timeliness and hacking search engine algorithms with methods like newsjacking to get traffic. Online traffic is what tells content creators if they are hitting the mark or need to adjust their methods. There are several ways to do this, but today we are focusing on newsjacking.

What is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is using the news to your advantage. “Hijacking” it, in other words. For example, during the height of the COVID19 pandemic, many news outlets and popular social media accounts focused on stuff related to COVID19 like hygiene, vaccination progress, and internet jokes about Miss Rona. Any viral content can be newsjacked. For example, whenever there is a viral video or tweet, content creators use that piece of content in their posts. Newsjacking should never plagiarize, but similar content is okay. Memes (internet jokes) are great for newsjacking because they are a format you can insert any content into. Social media managers for large companies that use a lot of consumer interaction on their social media platforms are great at utilizing memes for newsjacking. 

How to Choose When You Should Be Newsjacking

The most crucial tip about newsjacking is that it has to stay relevant for a long enough time your content will be consumed with everything else. If a meme is no longer popular, then that is no good for newsjacking. That is why newsjacking memes is hard to do and tends to be done by social media managers that focus on consumer interaction. For long-term news pieces like COVID19, it is important to remember that eventually, even news about that will become outdated in terms of internet virality. Newsjacking only works with contemporary trends that change almost daily. If you make a great social media post about yellow bandanas because yellow bandanas went viral last week, your post will get no traction. However, if you can see how to relate yellow bandanas to a current trend, you may get more traffic than if you have only posted on the current trend. Newsjacking takes nuance, patience, and a voracious appetite for online content. Sometimes virality is pure luck, but that does not stop us from achieving professional awards at Adventure Web Interactive. 

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