New Website Redesign: The Research Group

The Research Group Website Redesign

Founded in 1991, The Research Group is renowned as a leader in the market research industry.

Adventure Web is proud to announce a new website redesign for The Research Group! Founded in 1991, The Research Group is an industry leader in market research and are well-known for their experience, perpetual learning practices, and customized approaches. Focusing primarily on work in the healthcare, consumer, and government contracting industries, they can put their renowned experience to work for your next research project!

Solutions Offered

The Research Group can help out with your next project and deliver the insights you need. The team focuses primarily on three areas of expertise.

  • Health Care: The Research Group works with world-renowned healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical corporations, urgent care chains, clinical publishers, and other companies to deliver insights that inform effective decisions. Standard practices, such as IRB preparation, CCR, and HIPAA compliance are always followed in these research projects.
  • Consumer: Consumer research is a necessity in the complex, fast-moving business world. The Research Group understands this and can design a customized methodology to work for your company and discover the reasons behind consumer decisions. From product development to brand identity and much more, The Research Group can put their experience to work for you and your company.
  • Government Contracting: The Research Group, a certified MBE, has much experience working with government agencies and organizations awarded grants. They are well-equipped to work on projects with the rigor and efficiency expected from a government-contracted project.

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