New Website Launch: Tidewater Yacht Service

Tidewater Yacht Service

Adventure Web is incredibly happy to announce the latest addition to our family: Tidewater Yacht Service!

Adventure Web Interactive is excited to announce the newest addition to our family: Tidewater Yacht Service. First opening up shop in 1987, the business has since been providing customers along the Chesapeake Bay with fantastic service. Armed with 8 acres of land and a modern facility, Tidewater is able to haul and service your boat quickly and safely. This is true even in bad weather, which becomes a non-factor when their 10,000 sq ft. repair facility is taken into account. Let’s take a look at some of their most used services and why Tidewater Yacht Service may be right for you.

Hauling and Systems Repairs

Tidewater Yacht Service is prepared to handle just about anything—their two travel lifts and 20,000lbs marine forklift gives them the ability to accommodate vessels up to 83 tons and 101 feet long. Each haul is scheduled by appointment so you are guaranteed the attention your vessel deserves and beforehand, Tidewater will gather all of the details to treat your boat properly. Once at their facility, they can work on everything from electrical systems to inboard and outboard motors alike.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Beyond fixing the performance integrity of your boat, Tidewater Yacht Service can also work on its appearance. This means over 50 years of experience with marine painting, covering varnishing, cleaning, and detailing. Additionally, they have experience with fiberglass repair (both cosmetic and functional) as well as carpentry work, blowing the door wide open in terms of possibilities. Need your boat serviced? Contact Tidewater Yacht Service.

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