New Website Launch: Shelters Direct

The team at Adventure Web has created yet another beautiful and functional website, this time for Shelters Direct. For the construction and installation of prefabricated canopies, shelters, and booths, Shelters Direct is the best and only choice!


Shelters Direct

For shelters, canopies, and booths, Shelters Direct is your trusted source


Shelters Direct has been an industry leader in the manufacturing and installation of prefabricated shelters, canopies, and booths. For over 20 years they have been serving clients both domestically and abroad and have extensive experience creating custom structures to suit the needs of businesses, universities, medical facilities, government facilities, hospitals, casinos, gas stations and more.


Whether you require a bullet resistant guard booth, a prefabricated steel gas canopy, or a custom smoking shelter, Shelters Direct has the knowledge and skills needed to create and install the perfect feature for your business’s needs. All of their products are prefabricated and the majority of construction is done off-site, which means that installation is simple, efficient, and requires no hot work (making it safe for facilities that store flammable chemicals on-site, such as gas stations). Headquartered right here in Laurel, MD, Shelters Direct is ready and able to complete your next project.

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