New Website Launch: Rick Dempsey

Rick Dempsey

Check out Rick Dempsey’s new website to see what the baseball legend is up to!

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to the Adventure Web family: Rick Dempsey! A successful champion and baseball player, Dempsey played for the Baltimore Orioles as a catcher from 1976 to 1986 and again in 1992, where he was a World Series MVP in 1983. After spending some time coaching, Dempsey eventually returned to the Orioles, currently hosting the “O’s Xtra” pre- and post-game shows on MASN. Rick Dempsey also spends his time available for bookings; he can be hired as a public speaker, a company spokesperson, or even as a catching coach.

Booking Rick Dempsey

Rick Dempsey is available for all kinds of bookings. He’s capable of putting on charming and engaging public speeches inspired by his depth of wisdom. Not only is he known for his baseball catching skills, he’s also a capable public speaker. This is part of why he’s a great option for being a company spokesperson as well. Rick is comfortable and fluid in front of a camera and knows how to be a part of the commercial industry. He can speak to journalists, interviewers, and camera crews with a natural charm.

Coaching With Rick

No matter where you are in your baseball career, Rick can help you progress your skills. He’s got 24 major league seasons and two championships as a catcher under his belt, and he knows how to impose that wisdom onto others to help them improve. He’s been a member of both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles coaching staff, so you know you’re getting first class coaching with an expert.

Rick Dempsey Memorabilia

If you’re interested in grabbing up a piece of professional baseball history, head to Dempsey’s new website to see what he offers. Rick Dempsey offers signed photos, both action shots and posed photos, as well as autographed used and new balls. Whatever memorabilia you may be interested in, Rick Dempsey offers it all.

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