New Website Launch: Preferred Elevator

Preferred ElevatorWe’re very pleased to announce the newest addition to the Adventure Web family: Preferred Elevator! Preferred Elevator specializes in residential elevator needs. After many years focusing on commercial elevators, the company decided to pivot their focus and set their eyes on the important residential realm. For Preferred Elevator, the switch wasn’t just about making wise business choices, but to help people enjoy their living spaces to their maximum potential–limited mobility aside.


Preferred Elevator focuses on residential elevators to help those who are living with a disability or dealing with the drawbacks of aging. If you’re having troubles ascending or descending the stairs in your home, you may want to look into Preferred Elevator’s offerings. Preferred Elevator does still offer lightweight commercial elevators if you’re a business in need as well.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Installation

At Preferred Elevator, it’s not just enough to install your elevator or wheelchair lift and leave. They pay special attention to the needs of their clients, and that includes being sure that all work is performed by professional elevator mechanics. They even have emergency services in case anything were to go wrong. If you need maintenance or repairs done after Preferred Elevators completes the installation, they’d be happy to come out and service your equipment.

What Else Can They Offer?

Preferred Elevator doesn’t just stop at commercial and residential elevators. They also offer dumbwaiters to increase productivity, if you need to transport materials from one floor to another with ease. Likewise, if you have larger cargo needs that need to be transported between floors, Preferred Elevator can provide you with a material lift perfect for the job.

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