New Website Launch: Penn-Mar


We’re happy to announce that Penn-Mar has joined the Adventure Web family!

Adventure Web is excited to announce the addition of Penn-Mar Human Services to our family! Penn-Mar’s Human Services has a long history, starting in 1980 when families from Maryland and Pennsylvania met to discuss their children who were impacted by mental disabilities. At this time, there just weren’t the same kinds of programs that exist now to address the needs of adults with mental disabilities. Nowadays, Penn-Mar offers services around Maryland and in York County in Pennsylvania that are meant to benefit those adults with developmental disabilities.

Services Offered

Penn-Mar offers a number of services to their local area, including residential options, vocational training, individual support services, transportation, and supported employment. These services are offered to those in need like the more than 400 individuals Penn-Mar currently services. By offering compassionate and professional staff who can get the job done, Penn-Mar seeks to encourage individuals to live their lives the way they really want to.

Why Penn-Mar?

Even Penn-Mar’s origins show how committed they are to making those with intellectual disabilities have better resources to help them lead their best lives. They care about growth and development more than anything and have a personal stake in their community. We’re so glad they’ve joined our family so take a look at their new website today!

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